SEO & SEM Services

Ecsion will partner with you to understand the business problem and your marketing objectives and then will work with you to design the right blend of SEO, PPC, SEM, Social Media and other internet marketing campaign services that are flexible and fit for your needs. We are a fraction of the cost of traditional companies and so we can do more and deliver more for the same budget.

Keyword Research
Identifying the right keywords based on your business objectives and the competitive environment is a crucial part of the SEO services. Ecsion will help identify the best keywords that are most relevant to your business and will deliver more traffic.

Competitive Analysis
We take an in-depth analysis of the competitive landscape and develop strategies that will provide you with better results and a significantly higher ROI.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Ecsion’s search engine optimization services improve the volume and quality of traffic to a web site from search engines via “organic” search results. The organic search results are better than PPC sponsored hits because they don’t cost you any money per click. We guarantee a high ranking on first page for the identified search keywords.

Paid Search Marketing (PPC)
Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads are the sponsored listing on search results that typically appear at the top and on the right side of the organic search listings. PPC cost money per click. However they make sense in several scenarios:
  • Benefit to the company is higher than the PPC cost
  • You desire to increase traffic to your website sooner (SEO efforts typically take several months to get the desired results)
  • PPC also a great tool to build brand awareness

Action Oriented Web Design
A website may look pretty but it is worth little if it does not get results. With our web design services, we focus on a website that works–for your customers and increase conversion so your company gets the results it wants.

Social Media Optimization
FaceBook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Plaxo and Twitter are the social gathering places. We can use these and other social media sites to improve your company’s image; build and increase brand awareness; and make your marketing dollars work more effectively. We can create a social media optimization strategy that will work for your business.
Other Services that we offer are:
  • Contextual Advertising
  • Website Analytics
  • Link Building
  • Content Development/Copywriting
  • Blog Marketing
  • Online Public Relations/Press Release Optimization