Financial Services

The recent financial crisis has been the most serious shock to the economy since the 1930s and has shaken the financial services industry.
Many companies, large & small had come to the verge of collapse. Many have since recovered but face the most serious challenges as they adjust their vision and plan to the “new normal”.
Financial Services Challenges
  • Demand for greater transparency of strategy and operational reporting to attract limited financial capital.
  • Finding opportunities for reducing cost of operations thru process optimization and technology innovation.
  • Attracting and retaining the best talent and keeping them focused during significant transition and restructuring.
  • Compliance with new and forthcoming Regulatory regimen.
  • Unprecedented focus on risk management pursuing pushing new growth initiatives.

Possible solutions are:
  • Review, analysis and adjustment of mission, vision and long term strategy.
  • Review and redesign risk-management processes.
  • Restructuring and disposal of businesses that don’t fit the new strategy.
  • Intense focus on reducing cost. Leveraging outsourcing/off shoring of non-core activities. Balance the blend of onshore and offshore resources to get more done for less.
  • Leverging information technology to increase productivity and reduce operational and support costs. Greater use of data analytics in product development and marketing decisions.
  • Strengthen customer relationships.

Ecsion can help.
We will work with you to perform a need assessment, gap analysis and solution design. We will propose effective solutions that address your business challenges and measured thru key performance indicators.
On Turn Key Engagements, Ecsion manages the complete project from analysis to deployment and realization, support.
For client managed projects, experts with specific technology expertise are available to meet your needs.
Ecsion will help you succeed in a competitive and changing marketplace.