SAP Supplier Relationship Management

Many businesses are seeking to increase bottom-line cost savings delivered by sourcing and procurement functions. By focusing on procurement operations as profit centers, forward-looking companies are strengthening supplier relationships and making procurement a more strategic partner in the organization.
Ecsion SAP Supplier Relationship Management (SAP SRM) solution automates, simplifies, and accelerates procure-to-pay processes for goods and services. With SAP SRM, you can reduce procurement costs, build collaborative supplier relationships, better manage supply bases, and improve your bottom line with innovative offerings and a faster time to market.

SAP Sourcing
Ecsion SAP Sourcing solution can help your organization maximize savings through fast, flexible, and sustainable sourcing.
Ecsion SAP Sourcing application enables negotiation activities, including:
  • Spend analysis
  • Category and project management
  • Requests for proposals, information, and quotation
  • Forward and reverse auctions
  • Contract generation and management
  • Supplier management

Ecsion SAP Sourcing application helps your organization attain bottom-line savings and accelerate time to benefit by cutting costs and encouraging user adoption. Together with the Ecsion SAP SRM solutions, SAP Sourcing gives your organization a complete sourcing-to-contract management process – with several points of entry into the process, multiple delivery model options, and a seamless migration path to transform your purchasing functions.

SAP Sourcing Ondemand Solution
To survive in an increasingly challenging global economy, procurement organizations like yours need to drive sustainable cost savings, manage contracts efficiently, optimize supplier management, and deliver rapid time-to-value. The Ecsion SAP Sourcing OnDemand solution can help.
Ecsion SAP Sourcing OnDemand solution comprises strategic sourcing, contract life-cycle management, and supplier management components. This subscription-based solution offers a combination of software, services, and support that can empower you to manage the entire strategic sourcing-to-contract process.
Ecsion SAP Sourcing OnDemand can help you:
  • Ensure sustainable cost savings
  • Deliver comprehensive contract management
  • Gain 360-degree supplier insight
  • Provide flexibility to meet corporate and process needs
  • Enable quick realization of benefits via an on-demand model
  • Deliver rapid time to value through fast innovation and adoption

SAP Contract Lifecycle Management
From strategy and creation to execution and monitoring, contracts are dynamic in nature and require varying levels of management along the entire life cycle. Whatever the purpose of their contracts, organizations must maintain tight control over them and address common issues, such as inconsistent language, incomplete approvals, long contract completion cycles, and limited visibility and compliance.
Ecsion SAP Contract Lifecycle Management (SAP CLM) application supports your company's entire contract management process. The application supports all contract types and can integrate with back-end systems in support of contract compliance.
By enabling proactive management of all aspects of the contract life cycle, Ecsion SAP CLM solution will help you:
  • Accelerate time to contract through automated contract creation and collaboration
  • Lower legal, financial, and regulatory risk through standardized language and reporting
  • Protect your company's bottom line
  • Realize full savings and revenue through contract visibility and awareness
  • Ensure more control and better compliance throughout the contract life cycle via system integration, alerting, and reporting

SAP BusinessObjects Spend Performance Management
In today's economic environment, your success depends in large part on your ability to reduce spend, increase cost savings, and identify supplier risk through effective spend performance management processes. Your purchasing department has a lot of factors to consider: budgets, planning, import costs, trade compliance, supplier soundness, and historical price and supplier performance data can impact how and from where you source – as well as how much you can negotiate.

Despite these many procurement factors, many enterprises lack access to data such as supplier payments, contract information, supplier risk profiles, and unclassified invoices. Information may be outsourced or siloed in various ledgers, purchasing cards, and travel and expense reports. Key spend data or supplier linkages might be incomplete, ill-defined, or simply missing. And when the information isn't accessible or complete, there's no way to leverage it to improve decision making.

The Ecsion SAP BusinessObjects Spend Performance Management solution can help your business users – from analysts to category and line-of-business managers – gain insight into savings opportunities and compliance by enabling access to aggregated, enriched spend data. Ecsion SAP BusinessObjects Spend Performance Management solution can help your end users continually identify fragmented contracts, distributed supply bases, and multiple contracts with single suppliers and sole-sourced suppliers. In addition, you can proactively identify supplier risks based on external information as well as prioritize these risks by spend volume and the buying centers affected. Plus, your users can easily analyze the distribution of company spend together with supplier risk and market factors that may impact that spend.

Ecsion SAP BusinessObjects Spend Performance Management solution provides your procurement and finance business users with an intuitive user interface that can empower them to:
  • Rapidly identify savings opportunities
  • Gain spend visibility and solve the spend data challenge
  • Reduce supplier risks
  • Increase spend under management