SAP Manufacturing

Are you under constant pressure to deliver innovative products, respond to customer demand quickly, and eliminate costs? If so, your next step is fully connecting manufacturing with the rest of your business.
Ecsion SAP Manufacturing solution integrates manufacturing with the rest of your enterprise – and the only comprehensive solution for managing manufacturing operations. There are many complex interdependencies that must resolved to drive cost reduction, increased quality, and improved responsiveness. SAP enables discrete and process manufacturers to improve:
  • Coordination – Coordinate operations with partners and suppliers to improve production performance across the manufacturing network to address challenges such as:
    1. High supply network inventories
    2. Poor asset utilization
    3. Delayed product introductions
  • Visibility – Deliver real-time visibility into plant and enterprise operations to detect and resolve exceptions and performance deviation in real time – and at low cost – to improve areas like:
    1. High total cost of ownership for multiple systems
    2. Difficult, multi-plant deployments
    3. Data redundancy and latency
  • Execution – Drive compliant, cost-effective execution in tune with demand and compliance standards, while managing continuous improvement, to focus on topics such as:
    1. Increasing defects and high WIP
    2. Poor compliance and product recalls
    3. Missed customer deadlines

Enhance Your Manufacturing Capability
  • SAP Lean Planning and Operations – Accelerate lean transformation, and sustain lean operations.
  • SAP Manufacturing Execution – Manage and control manufacturing while integrating operations to the enterprise.
  • SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence – Deliver flexible and innovative manufacturing processes to connect shop floor personnel.
  • SAP ERP Operations – Realize organizational efficiency and cost-effectiveness with end-to-end operational process support.
  • SAP Supply Chain Management – Collaborate, plan, execute and coordinate across the entire supply chain network.
  • SAP solutions for auto-ID and serialization – Enable agile supply chain execution, efficient asset management, and adaptive manufacturing.