SAP Customer Relationship Management

Ecsion SAP CRM Solutions enables marketers to gain the essential business insights needed to make intelligent decisions, sharpen their focus on customers to drive demand and increase customer retention, and better manage marketing resources to do more with less. Key SAP CRM marketing capabilities include:


  • Marketing resource and brand management
  • Campaign management
  • Segmentation and list management
  • Real-time offer management
  • Loyalty management
  • E-marketing
  • SAP Data Warehousing
  • SAP Manufacturing
  • SAP Modules
Ecsion SAP CRM MARKETING enables you to:
  • Align marketing resources to support organizational objectives
  • Understand the returns on your marketing spend
  • Accelerate marketing processes with increased visibility and control
  • Drive customer demand with targeted marketing messages
  • Identify and retain high-value customers with customer loyalty programs
  • Establish a standard, streamlined marketing process with a central marketing platform


Ecsion SAP CRM SALES enables you to transform your direct and indirect sales force into a team of knowledgeable and trusted advisors – fostering efficient collaboration between sales, marketing, and service teams to align efforts on fulfilling customer needs. Key SAP CRM sales capabilities include:
  • Sales
  • E-commerce
  • Interaction center
  • Partner channel management
  • Real-time offer management
Ecsion SAP CRM SALES enables you to:
  • Maximize profitable revenue growth
  • Focus sales resources on productive activity
  • Optimize the value delivered with every customer interaction
  • Streamline end-to-end enterprise sales processes across channels
  • Increase loyalty with consistent, personalized customer experiences across all touch points


Ecsion SAP CRM SERVICE enables you to reduce your service costs while enhancing customer satisfaction by streamlining your service operations and delivering exceptional customer service. Key SAP CRM service capabilities include:
  • Service
  • Interaction center
  • Business communication management
  • Real-time offer management
  • Partner channel management
  • E-service
Ecsion SAP CRM SERCICE enables you to:
  • Improve first-contact resolution with on-the-spot information and resources needed to resolve issues
  • Increase customer retention by providing service employees with the information and tools they need to prevent churn
  • Boost field utilization through optimized resources and easy access to information
  • Drive revenues by offering relevant services and products based on customer insights
  • Reduce returns by enabling customers to solve their problems and by proactively resolving known product defects
  • Provide a consistent user experience across all interaction channels, including voice, text messaging, Web contacts, and e-mail

Contact Center

Ecsion SAP CRM CONTACT CENTER enables you to maximize customer loyalty, reduce costs, and boost revenue by transforming your contact center into a strategic delivery channel for marketing, sales, and service efforts across all contact channels. Key SAP CRM features and functions that enable contact center capabilities include:
  • Interaction center
  • Business communications management
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Service
  • Real-time offer management
Ecsion CRM CONTACT CENTER enables you to:
  • Increase sales and extend market reach by making more relevant offers
  • Drive customer loyalty and demand through targeted, personalized telemarketing campaigns
  • Improve customer service by resolving customer issues during the first call
  • Provide a consistent customer experience across all contact channels
  • Gain insight into, analyze, and act on contact center operations and trends


Ecsion SAP CRM ECOMMERCE enables you can to turn the Internet into a profitable sales and interaction channel while providing consumers and business customers with a personalized online experience and convenient self-services. Key SAP CRM Web channel capabilities include:
  • E-marketing
  • E-commerce
  • E-service
  • Web channel analytics
Ecsion CRM ECOMMERCE enables you to:
  • Increase sales and extend market reach by making more relevant offers
  • Drive customer loyalty and demand through targeted, personalized e-marketing campaigns
  • Improve customer convenience and control with powerful, intuitive self-services
  • Reduce the cost of sales and support by delivering consistent and accurate product, pricing, and customer information across all customer touch points
  • Make reliable commitments using a streamlined, end-to-end order-to-cash process
  • Gain insight into, analyze, and act on e-business trends to increase competitiveness

IT Service

Ecsion SAP IT Service Management application (SAP ITSM) enables IT organizations to streamline their IT service operations. SAP ITSM enables key ITIL-compliant IT processes, such as incident and problem management, change and service asset management, knowledge management, financial management, and more.
The integration of such a variety of IT service processes, combined with the financial management capabilities, helps reduce costs and increases your IT organization's contribution to the company's overall business goals. Key capabilities for IT service include:
  • SAP IT Service Management
  • Interaction center
  • Business communication management
Ecsion ITSM enables you to:
  • Streamline service desk operations by enabling IT service agents to track and resolve incidents and problems quickly and easily
  • Manage the financials of IT and make more informed decisions by leveraging native integration with the SAP ERP Financials solution
  • Gain insights into your IT service desk operations with built-in analytics and add-on tools from the SAP BusinessObjects portfolio
  • Satisfy customers and stakeholders by transparently defining and enforcing service level agreements
  • Manage all SAP-related and non-SAP-related IT support services in an easy-to-use Web 2.0 application that supports native integration with SAP Solution Manager